How to Dress Comfortably While Working from Home to Boost Productivity

How to Dress Comfortably While Working from Home to Boost Productivity

It’s no secret that what we choose to wear can greatly affect our mood, productivity, and self confidence. While working from home, it can definitely be tempting to slump out of bed still in your PJs to your designated workspace to get started on your work for the day. However, taking the extra few minutes to get dressed—even if it’s into equally as comfortable clothes—can boost productivity and give a sense of normality and routine that some of us so desperately need. We’ve gathered a few tips on how to dress from home with comfort and productivity in mind. 

1. Find a pair of comfortable jeans that you love. 

Wearing sweats or leggings day in and day out may sound tempting, but switching up your look with a comfortable pair of jeans can make a big difference on how you feel inside and out! Finding a nonrestrictive and stretchy type of denim is a great option to feel like you’re still getting dressed, while remaining fairly comfortable. American Eagle and Madewell are known for their signature jeans and they both sell countless cute pairs that keep comfort in mind.

2. Don’t feel guilty for wearing sweats or leggings. 

At the same time, wearing sweatpants or leggings is definitely acceptable and understandable, but there are plenty of pant styles to choose from aside from just jeans or sweats. Look for stretchy waistbands, wider legs, and breathable fabrics for a more put together look that’s still relaxed. These washer satin pants from Uniqlo are a great example of a cute pant that encompasses all three elements. 

Or if you’re looking to upgrade those sweats that you’ve had for too long, these seafoam joggers from Pacsun are a subtle way to add some color into your fit. 

3. Have a nice, but comfortable, blouse or shirt on hand. 

Sometimes committing to wearing a nicer button-up or blouse all day for one video work meeting can feel like a lot, so instead of dreading wearing a professional shirt all day, have one set aside to change into right before you hop on a call—you can still wear your beloved sweats and no one will even know. The New York Times even dubbed this very phenomenon the “Zoom Shirt.”

Sub out the boring white button-up for something like this sunshine yellow puff sleeve top from Everlane. 

4. Wear shoes. 

Wearing shoes even while at home can also help change your mindset from work mode to your relaxation time. Even if it’s just a pair of slippers or houseshoes, putting on footwear can make a difference in your productivity. 

This trendy pair of Ugg slides are the perfect way to stay comfy and cute, and they come in a variety of bold and neutral colors. 

5. Change out of your pajamas.  

Changing out of your sleepwear can help change your mindset and switch your work mode brain on even if you aren’t physically leaving for your job. Similarly, when you’re off the clock, but still at home, you could totally change into something else to help your brain turn off for the day so to speak. Changing into real clothes can boost your productivity and confidence and help give your day a sense of routine.

6. Alternatively, find a pair of PJs that could pass as real clothes. 

There are plenty of fashion-forward pajama sets that could just about pass as real clothes, especially over a video call. 

7. Switch it up with a comfortable dress.

Somedays putting on a pair of pants feels like the last thing we want to do, so swap out the oversized sleep shirt and undies for a flirty babydoll or t-shirt dress to remain just as comfortable, but feel just a little more put together. 

8. Don’t skip out on accessories.

It’s the little things that can add spunk to our day and switch up the monotony of working from home all the time. Simple accessories can brighten your mood and confidence in a noticeable way. Rings and fun hair accessories are perfect for at home work since they aren’t clunky in the way earrings or a necklace can be. 

Via Accessory Hut

Keep these tips in mind when you’re in a style rut while working from home, but remember everyone has off days and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to look polished every day!

Cover Image via Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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