The Do’s and Don’ts of Work-Wear Fashion

The Do’s and Don’ts of Work-Wear Fashion

Getting ready for work early in the morning is not an enjoyable task! The morning routine and schedule includes so many things to do and chores to finish, that spending hours in front of the mirror seems impossible! Well, the best part is that a little bit of planning and organizing at your end can help reduce this morning madness! So the very first tip is: Plan your attire for office before you sleep. Yes, before you hit the pillow just take 5 minutes to decide what you need to wear the next day; and I mean the clothes and accessories both!

The ‘Do’ List:

- Choose subtle colors for work. You can add a pop of color with an accessory but keep the basic color tone subtle and light. Black, Blues, Browns, Greys, Pastels, Whites and Earthy shades are advisable work wear colors.

- Avoid very big and bold prints for work. Stick to small floral print or the regular stripes and checks.

- The shoes you wear to work need to be your most comfortable pair. If you are not comfortable wearing heels, don’t! Formal leather shoes are available in various shapes and styles, choose the one that offers maximum comfort and style.

- Steer clear from bling! Earrings too long or bracelets that make a clinking noise every time you move can be a distraction to you and others around you. Stick to small and basic studs, watches and small pendants.

The 'Don’t' List:

- Avoid new shoes that you have not yet broken in. Also, avoid very high heels if you know you need to be up and running all day.

- Steer clear from fabrics that can make you sweat and leave you panting! Instead, choose breathable fabrics like cotton.

- Even if you love accessorizing, keep it minimal for work wear. Avoid accessories that attract unnecessary attention.

- Keep your makeup and hairstyles basic but not boring! Don’t go over the top with these elements.

Every office and work place has certain norms and acceptable dress codes; always stick to them. You want to get noticed for your talent, not just be the center of attention for your clothes. Work-wear fashion can be a lot of fun and interesting but don’t make it loud and ‘too much’! Be smart, dress professionally, and always stick to your personal fashion statement.

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