10 Wedges That’ll Make You Excited to Wear Wedges Again

10 Wedges That’ll Make You Excited to Wear Wedges Again

We feel it in our gut. This will be the spring/summer (who can even differentiate between seasons anymore?) of the wedge.

Our peers in the fashion world agree. Roughly two months ago, Leandra Medine posited that in six months (so four months from now) everyone would be wearing wedges. “This is still conjecture, which is why I couldn’t find very many good examples of wedges that are up and out for the taking,” she wrote. “If you’re wondering how I landed here, I don’t actually know. It’s just a feeling that I have. Possibly a feeling borne out of the pervasiveness of cone heels, or maybe just a gut instinct that wants me to tell you that where you might lack comfort in your kitten heel, you will make up for it in this wedge.”

As if to second this statement, two weeks ago, social media/style wunderkind Reese Blutstein took to Instagram to show off one of her many new sandal acquisitions, a pair of Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s eternally sold out Olympia wedges in Gen-Z yellow (fitting). (Side note: We, like Blutstein, are also stanning over Nicole Saldana’s line of square-toed, personality-heeled sandals. Another discussion for another time, but do yourself a favor and check ‘em out.)

While Medine didn’t pinpoint an exact reason why her spidey sense was pointing her in the direction of wedges, we have some more solid theories. As Medine noted, it (“it” being the rise of the wedge) does seem a natural progression of the kitten and block heel trend. Functional (i.e. shoes that allow for walking) fashun shoes are having a Moment (see: the grandpa sneaker trend). We’re living in a time of go! go! go! and we need shoes (and bags) that can keep up with our insane pace. And wedge shoes (which have lately taken the form of minimalist mules) are exactly that — comfortable, supportive, versatile and easy to slip on, and simultaneously stylish and curve- and height-adding.

On top of that, you’ve got the return of all things 2000s — Juicy Couture, Frankenstein denim, Paris Hilton. There’s even conjecture that the Spice Girls, the literal poster girls for sky-high wedges (and their close cousin the platform) may be reuniting. Suffice it to say, your middle school footwear of choice is long overdue for another go.

Depending on your sartorial sensibilities, you might choose to embrace the kitsch in wedged espadrilles or thong slip-ons. Or you might prefer a more contemporary style, something with a lower heel and mule-like appearance, something in a bold color like the aforementioned sunny yellow.

Whatever your aesthetic, remember this: the beauty of wedge shoes is that they can be easily dressed up or down, and work just as well with flouncy skirts as they do with rocker denim. Just make sure your hemline hits above the ankle — give your statement footwear its due.

Shop 20 of our current favorite wedges in the slideshow below. (And let the fact that we easily located a ton of good examples serve as proof that Medine’s crystal ball is in fine working order.) 

by Cordelia Tai


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