Designer Handbags - Yay or Nay?

Designer Handbags - Yay or Nay?

Women across the globe are known for their endless love for handbags! It’s an accessory that ranges from basic to luxury and from a ‘must have’ to a ‘need’. Today, there are so many brands and designers thriving on this love of women and offering all kinds of bags and purses for women. There are so many different kinds; each with its unique purpose that it is obvious that women want them all! Designer handbags are expensive but offer unmatched quality. They last longer and come with a guarantee for durability. What most women don’t understand is that while you may spend more on a designer bag, it’s a one-time investment that lasts for a long time! Unlike the cheaper, ‘non-designer’ bags, you don’t need to change your bag frequently and rely on the quality of your designer statement bags.

So what’s the solution? The most logical solution is to have a mix of designer handbags and other trendy ones. For everyday use or for days when you really have to up your glam quotient, rely on the designer ones and for lazy casual days you can flaunt your ‘off the street’ bags. Let’s break this down!

1. Evening Purses and bags
A good evening purse is an absolute must! Invest in a good quality designer handbag or purse for those formal dinners or cocktail evenings. They are classic and will go well with your formal attire.

2. Cross Body bag
A cross body bag for a day out shopping with your girls, you can pick the one you got from a flea market, but if it’s a cross body bag for travelling and holidays, you want to invest in a designer piece for the durability and quality.

3. Wallets
A wallet is something you will probably carry every day and everywhere! You don’t need to be very brand conscious for a wallet as it generally lies within a handbag. The best combination for daily use would be a trendy wallet with a designer handbag!

You get the hint right? If it’s a bag that needs to be used extensively and needs to carry a lot of stuff, it is always better to opt for designer handbags. You may be spending more at a time but in the long run it’s absolutely worth the money! Collect all shapes and sizes and colors, and keep a few statement designer handbags to complete your collection.

You can never have too many...

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